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Imagination takes many forms

Terry Pratchett was a early adopter of portable computing owning an VIII-7 Olivetti Quaderno, and it reminded me of my time with Psion Organisers. Using the small monochrome screen, saving to cards and syncing via a v32bis modem.

Writing is writing, however and wherever you do it. In the mock-up of his office, complete with his actual desk and equipment, there were a few visual prompts, mind-nudges, if you will, but basically it was a workstation. Below is a reconstruction of Terry’s desk. All those monitors would just distract me. Yes, that is Doom.

There is no doubt he had a rare and unique imagination. He was an accomplished artist and unparalleled writer. His worlds were fanciful, humorous and rich in detail.

And I don’t understand a bit of it.

However, in this world we suffer loads of problems, we work long hours for very little. People like Terry, provide a small window to another world in which we can lose ourselves for a while and it all becomes a little more bearable.

I don’t understand Discworld, not one single, crazy, sideways-glanced word of it but that is exactly why I write.

RIP Terry.

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