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The Daley and Whetstone Crime Stories - Book 1

Killing by the Book

Dawn Silverton. Young, beautiful, successful…

Now she is dead.

Her death sends shockwaves through the Monday Club, a group of university friends still together 15 years later. Soon fingers are pointed, accusations fly as each member of the group battles their own private demons.

What long-forgotten nightmare binds them?

What is now tearing them apart?

Inspector Scott Daley and Sergeant Deborah Whetstone investigate her brutal death. They see parallels to a case four years ago. The murderer escaped justice then. Has the killing started again?

The Murder Book is open.

First there were eight. Then seven.

Now there are six.

Hard-edged and disturbing, slowly building, reeling you in until you can't put it down. A master class in noir crime fiction, this British Detective story will keep you guessing right up to the end.