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The Daley and Whetstone Crime Stories - Book 3

Unnatural Selection

DC Dean Hewell was looking for secrets...

...he got more than he bargained for.

When Inspector Scott Daley and Sergeant Deborah Whetstone investigate his brutal murder, they find he is not the first. Two undercover officers assassinated. Two murders unsolved.

As a devastating turf war breaks out, West London becomes a battleground. An elusive European overlord is muscling in, orchestrating the violence and fuelling the bitter feud.

Meanwhile, with the team being disbanded, their jobs under threat, the clock is ticking. They end up chasing ghosts, drawn into a world where truth takes second place to survival.

Then they become his next target.

Can Daley and Whetstone fight to separate truth from myth before time runs out for them all?

‘Unputdownable. A master class in crime fiction, it will keep you guessing right up to the end.’