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The Aidan Beckett Thrillers - Amber Rock Book 2

Proof of Death

Beckett played Amber Rock and lost.
Now he knows how far they go to guard their secrets.

When he returns to Washington DC, he tries to piece together the clues. Who are Trueman, Velasquez and Gilbués? What happened thirty years ago? Why is it still important now?

Then another nuclear analyst is murdered.

Under the constant gaze of Amber Rock, Beckett continues his search for Max Anderson, digging deeper, uncovering new clues to the mystery.

Soon, he is trapped at the epicenter.

Meanwhile, after learning everything he understood is a lie, Beckett questions his own loyalties, even his own identity.

Can he expose Amber Rock’s dark secret before they bury it forever?
Before they finally get to him?

"The sleeve says 'Perfect for fans of Lee Child'. Says it all."

"What a page turner! Loved the pace of this book. Strong characters; even those with a smaller role. Hero is totally believable; a thinking, planning, reacting, hero. Great plot."