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The Daley and Whetstone Crime Stories - Book 2

The Farm


A young nurse tries her hand at blackmail…

…now she has vanished.

Inspector Scott Daley and Sergeant Deborah Whetstone investigate, drawn to a private medical clinic where they meet a wall of silence. A web of lies and half-truths protecting a secretive research project.

Coincidence or something more sinister?

Half a world away, a young refugee starts a perilous journey out of war-torn Syria and across Europe. In a murky world of human trafficking, can she make it to the UK?

Meanwhile, back from long-term injury, Scott Daley finds a new order in the team room. Whetstone is in his seat, heading up his team. On light duties, he tackles the growing missing persons file—the mysterious Zone 6 Snatcher.

What they discover puts them on a collision course, stretching them both to breaking point.

As Satya draws closer to freedom, as Daley and Whetstone home in on a killer, no-one is prepared for the horrors that await them as they reveal the macabre secrets of The Farm.

If you like a dark, detective mystery with lots of twists and turns, you’ll love this second installment of the Daley and Whetstone Crime Stories.

For some, the darkness is only the beginning.