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The Aidan Beckett Thrillers - Amber Rock Book 1

Proof of Life

Thirty years ago, Max Anderson disappeared.

… so why has his name resurfaced now?


Amber Rock has secrets. Luciano Moretti is selling them to the highest bidder. When Beckett is sent to stop him, he finds Moretti and his minder dead.

The only trouble is, he should have fired the gun.


Former Marine Beckett was invalided out when a sniper’s bullet shattered his shoulder. Now he is out on his own, racing across Europe, to learn the truth about Amber Rock.


Can he protect the woman wrongly framed for Moretti’s killing, before the assassin stops them all for good?


What is Amber Rock?

What dark secret has it protected for thirty years?

And what does Max Anderson know that makes him so dangerous?


'Fast-paced and breathless. Perfect for fans of Lee Child and Harlan Coben.

Ryan Stark has an almost genius capability of weaving plots together…’