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The Aidan Beckett Thrillers - Amber Rock Book 3

Proof of Betrayal

Beckett dealt Amber Rock a hammer blow.
He may have won the battle.
Can he win the war?

Aidan Beckett reached the epicenter of an atrocity hidden for thirty years. He witnessed the grisly truth behind Amber Rock, a ruthless organization that kills first and asks questions later.

Now he must uncover the power behind it.

Meanwhile, Beckett continues his hunt for Max Anderson, a ghost missing for thirty years. Only he knows the full horror of Amber Rock. Only he can bring them down.

But friend or foe.
Which one is Max Anderson?

Beckett races to find Anderson before he is silenced for good. To bring the guilty to justice before they can go underground again.

Can he stay one step ahead of Amber Rock?
Can he stay alive?

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