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The Aidan Beckett Thrillers - Amber Rock Book 2

Proof of Death


Beckett played Amber Rock and lost.
Now he knows how far they go to guard their secrets.

"The sleeve says 'Perfect for fans of Lee Child'. Says it all."

"What a page turner! Loved the pace of this book. Strong characters; even those with a smaller role. Hero is totally believable; a thinking, planning, reacting, hero. A Crime Thriller with a great plot."


Stark’s writing is a masterclass in British Detective Crime thrillers, action packed and suspenseful, building to a jaw-dropping climax.


Slowly building, reeling you in until you can’t put it down.

E. Shaw

Kept me guessing right up until the end.

F. Phillips

Gripping read. Rich in detail and disturbingly dark.

Dr. K. Grant

Addictive, absorbing and baffling right up until the stunning, sinister climax.

J. Peters

3-dimensional characters, plausible scenarios gradually revealing the truth. Hurry up with the next one!

S Burke


The Aidan Beckett Thrillers - Amber Rock Book 1

Proof of Life

Thirty years ago, Max Anderson disappeared.

… so why has his name resurfaced now?


'Fast-paced and breathless. Perfect for fans of Lee Child and Harlan Coben.

Ryan Stark has an almost genius capability of weaving plots together…’

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Ryan Stark  - Author Book Releases

The Aidan Beckett Thrillers

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Ryan Stark Proof of Betrayal Aidan Beckett

Aidan Beckett used to be a US Marine captain until a sniper’s bullet cut short his career.

Now he works for TORUS, a security organization solving problems for the Government. Which government is debatable, and anyhow, if things turned bad, they’d deny all knowledge.

It’s Beckett’s job to sort things out, put things right. To bring back the status quo. In whatever way he sees fit. Quickly, discreetly, and without getting himself killed.

If only life was that simple.

The Daley and Whetstone Crime Stories

Ryan Stark Daley and Whetstone Killing by the Book
Ryan Stark Daley and Whetstone The Farm
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Detectives Scott Daley and Deborah Whetstone are part of the North London Murder Investigation Team.

Hot-headed and impetuous, Daley's unremitting pursuit of the truth, regardless of the consequences, has earned him the nickname Suicide Scott Daley from his peers. He treads a knife-edge, always trusting too much to his gut, but somehow Daley prevails, even if he tears up the rule book on the way.

Whetstone is Daley’s right hand man—or woman. Mid-thirties and single, she can feel her life ebbing away. The job is everything, yet she is beginning to regret her move to Lambourne Road. Always two paces behind Daley, she struggles to make it out from under his shadow.

Gritty and real—and more than a little disturbing.

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