The Daley and Whetstone Crime Stories

Ryan Stark Daley and Whetstone Killing by the Book
Ryan Stark Daley and Whetstone The Farm
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How much horror can a mind take before it breaks?


At 38, Detective Inspector Scott Daley lives and breathes the force. Hot-headed and impetuous, his unremitting pursuit of the truth, regardless of the consequences, has earned him the nickname Suicide Scott Daley from his peers. He treads a knife-edge, always trusting too much to his gut, but somehow Daley prevails, even if he tears up the rule book on the way.


Sergeant Deborah Whetstone is Daley’s right hand man…or woman. 34 and single, still living at home with her mother, she can feel her life ebbing away. The job is everything, yet she is beginning to regret her move to Lambourne Road. Always two paces behind Daley, she struggles to make it out from under his shadow.


As part of the North London Murder Investigation Team,  Daley and Whetstone carry on regardless, as they wait for the team to be broken up. Their Lambourne Road headquarters  are showing their age, as are many of their occupants. Scheduled for disposal years ago, seemingly overlooked by the Met, no one was holding their breath…which was just as well. Dubbed The Dispossessed the team, lead by Detective Superintendent Bilko Bob Allenby carry on regardless.


With Daley’s tenacity and Whetstone’s unwavering trust in the human spirit, the pair employ some unorthodox methods to bring the guilty to justice.  In the process, they are forced to overcome their own personal demons to get to the truth.

There is no way that can end well.