The Aidan Beckett Thrillers

Aidan Beckett used to be a US Marine captain until a sniper’s bullet cut short his career.

Now he works for TORUS, a security organization solving problems for the Government. Which government is debatable, and anyhow, if things turned bad, they’d deny all knowledge.

It’s Beckett’s job to sort things out, put things right. To bring back the status quo. In whatever way he sees fit. Quickly, discreetly, and without getting himself killed.

If only life was that simple.

The Amber Rock Series

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When Max Anderson vanished thirty years ago, he took Amber Rock's dark secret with him. Now his name has resurfaced.

So, what makes him so dangerous?

TORUS agent Aidan Beckett is sent to Europe to stop a Black Market auction and recover secret information on Amber Rock, an enigmatic organization that has operated in the shadows for forty years. 


Soon he is involved in a desperate chase across the world to uncover the secrets before Amber Rock buries them forever.

Meanwhile, Beckett continues his hunt for Max Anderson, a ghost missing for thirty years. Only he knows the full horror of Amber Rock. Only he can bring them down.

But friend or foe.
Which one is Max Anderson?

Beckett races to find Anderson before he is silenced for good. To uncover the power behind Amber Rock and bring the guilty to justice before they can go underground again.

Can he stay one step ahead of Amber Rock?

Can he find Max Anderson?

Can he stay alive?

'Fast-paced and breathless. Perfect for fans of Lee Child and Harlan Coben.'

'Ryan Stark has an almost genius capability of weaving plots together…’